Saving on Out-of-pocket Expenses for Medicine

Health insurance is an immense help when paying off your medical bills. But insurance plans do not always pay for all of your expenses. Depending on the insurance plan, you may be expected to cover 10%-100% of your healthcare costs. These out-of-pocket expenses for medicine or other services are a great source of stress forContinue reading “Saving on Out-of-pocket Expenses for Medicine”

About the Rising Cost of Drug Prices in the US

Prescription medications are a must for many living with chronic illnesses that have a major impact on their daily health and well-being. The problem? We’re all too familiar with the high costs associated with filling the prescriptions that we need. While we may simply pay it because it’s what we have to do, it’s importantContinue reading “About the Rising Cost of Drug Prices in the US”

How To Avoid Issues When Ordering Prescriptions Online

Inhouse Pharmacy has been in the business of helping people online since 1996. We know how difficult and inconvenient it can be to go to a local pharmacy, especially for those who are treating serious illnesses in the current state of crises worldwide. Ordering prescriptions online often has a negative stigma attached to it, butContinue reading “How To Avoid Issues When Ordering Prescriptions Online”

Inhouse Pharmacy’s Guide to Saving on Long Term Medications

At Inhouse Pharmacy, we understand the need for reliable access to affordable, trustworthy medications. This is especially vital when handling long term medications, as the need for these essential medicines is ongoing, and that can add a strain on your finances. Inhouse Pharmacy has reviewed the best ways to save on your long term medications.Continue reading “Inhouse Pharmacy’s Guide to Saving on Long Term Medications”